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Out Of Stock IC 7800

ICOM IC-7800

HF/50 MHz. All Mode Transceiver

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ICOM has been the world pioneer in amateur radio for 40 years. 

The first to bring transistor technlogy, digital PLL technology and the latest DSP technology to name a few achievements. It is therefore fitting that ICOM brings you the most advanced amateur radio ever in the IC-7800!Starting with the 32-bit DSP processor and 24-bit AD/DA converter, ICOM enables the ham radio operator to create the listening environment that best suites the current band and operating conditions.


No less than four 32-bit floating point DSP chips, two completely independent receivers, 7-inch wide TFT display, RTTY/PSK31 encoder and decoder and compact flash technology are but a few of the amazing features this mighty rig offers. Simply the best, simply the ultimate in amateur radio is now a reality for you to enjoy first hand.

Four 32-bit floating point DSP units.

Four independent DSP units are used. One for the transmitter, one for each receiver, and the final one for the spectrum scope. The IC-7800 builds on the phenomenal performance of the 32-bit DSP that ICOM introduced to the amateur world. With the 24-bit AD/DA converter, this powerful combination supports many DSP features exclusive to the IC-7800.

+40dBm ultra high intercept point.

By sparing no expense throughout the signal chain, ICOM has developed an amateur rig that challenges the performance of any “Military Grade” transceiver. You’ll enjoy a +40dBm* 3rd order intercept point and ultra wide dynamic range that is amateur radio’s highest. The IC-7800 is the new bench mark for HF transceivers. Examples include the use of mechanical relays
instead of traditional semi-conductor and highperformance DMOS mixers with a high-drive Local Oscillator. Using only two IF stages and ICOM’s new image rejection technology, enables the IC-7800 to clearly reproduce very weak signals as well as very strong signals without distortion. * HF bands, pre-amp off.

Automatic tracking pre-selector.

As your first line of defense against interfering signals, the pre-selector rejects unwanted out of band interference from multi-multi operation or strong broadcast stations. The 7800’s pre-selector automatically tracks the intended signal, keeping the pre-selector’s bandwidth centered on the operating frequency.

Two completely independent receiver circuits.

As the same “Military Grade” receiver is duplicated for the second receiver, the IC-7800 is like having two rigs in one box. Thus the ultimate in dual receiver performance is at your control; the receivers are completely independent all the way from the 4 antenna jacks, through the pre-selector, DSP, signal detectors, front panel control, right into the stereo headphone! In addition
to the separate receivers, the audio amplifiers and control circuits are duplicated for either headphones or external speakers. The true dual receiver takes your band hopping and contesting experience to the next level.

200W output power at full duty.

Newly designed push-pull MOS-FET amplifiers work with 48V DC, providing a powerful 200W of output power at full duty cycle with low IMD in all bands. A low noise switching power supply is built in.

Ultra high frequency stability.

Your IC-7800 will be the reference on the band with a standard stability of ± 0.05 ppm! Even on 6m band, that is less than 3Hz error
from the Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator! Also, a 10 MHz reference frequency can be be input/output for external equipment

7-inch wide color TFT LCD.

The large 7-inch wide (800x480 pixels) color display has to be seen to bee believed! High linearity needle S-meters, multi function spectrum scope and RTTY/PSK31 messages are displayed in vivid color. In addition, the IC-7800 has a VGA connector allowing you to connect an external monitor

Multi function spectrum scope.

With the dedicated DSP unit, the spectrum scope offers linearity, accuracy and resolution. By adjusting the scope selectivity (resolution band width), the spectrum scope allowsyou to find those weak signalsright next to strong ones! With this ground breaking scope, you can even monitor the distortion or width of the received signals. In addition, the scope range can be set independently from the receiving frequncy. You can monitor the band condition between the
selected sweep edges, as well as dweep a selected band width centered on the receiving frequency in the scope screen.

RTTY/PSK31 operation without PC connection.

The IC-7800 has a modulator and demodulator for the 2 major HF Amateur digital modes. It is possible to encode and decode PSK31 as well as baudot RTTY signals by simply connecting a USB keyboard to the IC-7800. You no longer need to connect a PC for RTTY/PSK31 operation. In addition, transmitted and received messages can be stored to the CF card memory and transfered to your PC.

IF notch filter with adjustable notch filter characteristics.

The bipolar 2SC2694’s are used to provide a clean 100 watts of output power for SSB, CW, RTTY and FM modes. ( 40W in AM). The die-case aluminum chassis and the riable speed cooling fan enables the IC-7400 to transmit full power all the time*; the perfect companion for those digital mode contests. * On a 50Ω load at room temperature.

Professional 6m receiver.

While most HF/50MHz transceiver share the preamp between the HF bands and 50MHz band, the IC-7800 uses an exclusive preamp and mixer especially for 50MHz. This preamp and mixer are tuned to the 50MHz band and improve cross modulation characteristics, particularly important when picking up a very weak signal near a strong station.

Digital Voice Recorder.

The Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) is a convenient function for contests, DX peditions, field day and even normal operation.

CF (Compact Flash) memory card.

An IC-7800 has a CF card slot and aCF card will be supplied with the IC-7800. You can store your various settings such as filter, display, mic equalizer, etc. on your card. When sharing the IC-7800 with multi users such as on a DX pedition, in a contest or as a club rig, the CF card allows you to restore your personal settings instantly.

Other Features.

• Soft and sharp IF filter shapes for receiver.
• Synchronous AM detection.
• Reverse power protection circuit built-in.
• RS-232C port for PC connection.
• BNC type RF accessory connectors.
• Audio Peak filter for CW.
• Multi function noise blanker.
• Advanced noise reduction and auto notch.
• Twin peak audio filter and tuning indicator for RTTY.
• High speed automatic antenna tuner.
• Built-in Voice synthesizer.
• Main/Sub receiver connectors
• Optional IC-PW1 ikW Linear Amplifier available.
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IC 7800

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